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Our approach

Payformance Partners will help companies 'Pay' for excellent performance equitably in order to achieve goals and have the greatest return on the largest investment it has – it’s people.

We believe that every company should strive to pay their employees fairly based on the best available market data for the role that is performed, as well as the level in which it is performed. This motivates the human resources of the company to work together as a team and strive to be the best employees they can be – resulting in success for the company and a higher return on investment in those employees.



Marc R. Mullis, Founder/CEO

As a Graduate of The College of Charleston with a B.S. in Psychology, I have always been interested in the art & science of motivation, as well as the statistical measures behind the motivating factors. 

Through 20+ years of compensation, performance, talent strategy design and implementations, I am committed to co-creating environments that lead to employees reaching their full potential as employees and as human beings.  Thus, increasing overall business performance.

I have been very fortunate over the years to have worked for (and with) some great individuals at some of the largest companies in The United States, as well as a stint in Sydney, Australia. 


Our firm is rooted in honesty, authenticity, and pragmatic solutions for your business challenges.